How does the Foundation help the health care of the citizens of Galveston?
The Foundation was chartered to provide healthcare on Galveston Island through the support of the John Sealy Hospital and related medical buildings. Currently, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) operates the John Sealy Hospital and Jennie Sealy Hospital. The Foundation assists UTMB in a variety of ways, including providing and maintaining clinical and other properties on the UTMB campus, endowing academic chairs for various healthcare specialties, advocating for UTMB and providing grant funding to ensure Galveston citizens receive excellent health care.
How does the Foundation support UTMB?
As mentioned in question 1, the Foundation supports UTMB in a number of ways. For example, the Foundation has provided John Sealy Hospital and UTMB over $900 million in funding over the decades. These funds have been used to build, purchase, or provide over 25 major buildings and hospitals at the medical campus. The Foundation's funding has allowed UTMB to acquire cutting edge medical devices, such as MRI and PET scanning machines, one of the first Robotic Surgery Machines in Texas and recently 3-D Mammography equipment. The Foundation was also instrumental in helping UTMB establish the first BSL-4 lab to be constructed on a University Campus in the United States. This led to UTMB being chosen for the site of a National Lab in response to the 9/11 events. In addition to building and equipment needs, the Foundation supports research at UTMB with 31 academic chairs and a $50 million contribution to the Biomedical Research Endowment. Moreover, the Foundation played a pivotal role in securing State funding for UTMB's hurricane Ike recovery efforts.
Can anyone apply for a grant?
As the Foundation is a Type III supporting organization benefiting UTMB, the Foundation does not make grants to individuals.
Where can I find information about UTMB?
UTMB is part of the University of Texas System and can be found on line at
What current projects are the Sealy and Smith Foundation Involved in?
The Foundation is excited to announce the transformation of the UTMB Eye Clinic into a Center of Excellence, to include the interdisciplinary care of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat, set to be completed in early 2017. The Foundation also has recently granted $2 million dollars for the planning and budgeting for the relocation of the Catheterization Labs to Jennie Sealy Hospital.