The Sealy and Smith Foundation is awarded the Santa Rita Award, the highest honor of the University of Texas System for the Foundation’s continued dedication to the Medical Branch with total contributions to the University to date exceeding $900 million, and being the largest single entity contributor to a UT System institution.

The Foundation continues the Sealy family tradition of concern for the healthcare of the people of Galveston. The University Of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) includes the John Sealy Hospital and Jennie Sealy Hospital as well as 25 buildings and facilities donated or owned by the Foundation.

Over the decades, the Foundation has made grants totaling over $900 million for healthcare related projects, programs, and state of the art medical equipment to UTMB on Galveston Island. In addition to assisting the UTMB mission financially, the Foundation provides logistical assistance, owning and providing non-medical maintenance of clinics and Foundation properties utilized by UTMB in the furtherance of its mission. The Foundation is a Type III supporting organization.